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Home Solar FAQs

Installing solar energy products on residential homes has become very popular over the past few years due to a big push in local, state, and federal tax incentives, as well as cost efficiencies in solar technology, which has helped drive down the cost of the product overall. Many homeowners are still unsure of the solar options available for their home, how they work, and the price of solar. We've put together this handy FAQ section to help answer many of those questions about residential solar energy.

What are Solar Panels?
Solar panels are photovoltaic cells also known as PV cells that attract and store the sun's energy. They are special batteries that harness sunlight, transform it into energy, then send that solar power to an inverter, which converts it into electricity used to power your home. Think of it as a rechargeable solar battery that powers your electricity.

Why install Solar Panels?
The benefits to switching to solar energy includes the obvious green reason where homeowners have the ability to directly reduce their carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels by switching to a renewable energy source such as solar. In addition, there are potentially significant cost savings for switching to solar energy. The average household with solar panels saves approximately $84 a month on electricity.

Who can install Solar Panels?
Trained professionals are absolutely required for any type of solar energy installation. Many times the manufacturer of the product is also the installer. A number of companies are also contractors of solar panel manufacturing companies. Always make sure to check references and work history of anyone installing solar panels.

Average cost of Solar?
The price of solar panels continues to drop with all of the tax incentives as well as decreased cost associated with the product itself. The average up-front cost to install solar panels on a residential home is around $17,000 but can vary quite a bit based on the size of your home as well as the number of incentives in your area.

How do I pay for Solar panels?
Considering that the up-front cost of solar panel installation is significant many manufacturers and companies offer leasing and financing offers so you don't need to fork over a huge amount of money up front.

Still have more questions? Feel free to fill out our form to be connected with a local solar panel installation professional. Solar energy installation is one of the few projects where you need a trained pro to complete the work rather than trying to do it yourself. The benefits of solar will only increase over time and it's a great eco-friendly decision to make as a homeowner.

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