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Type of Interior Door Materials

Once you have figured out which style you would like to purchase the next step is selecting the type of material for your interior doors. There are a few common types of materials homeowners often choose for their interior door construction with the most common being hollow-core, solid-core, and solid wood.

  • Hollow-core - Made from thin plywood or hardboard with a cardboard core to help keep the door rigid. These doors are lightweight, inexpensive, easily punctured and ineffective as sound barriers. They are easily replaceable and very cheap
  • Solid-core - Look and feel like solid wood doors, but actually have a wood fiber core. They offer greater sound proofing than hollow-core doors and are more durable. Most are designed with the same style and properties of a wood door, but without the high price tag
  • Solid wood - Panel doors that can be stained or painted for a rich finish and provide a great sound barrier. Most brands offer an extensive line of custom wood doors in a wide range of wood species to complement your home style. These doors are the most expensive but the best quality all around

Keep in mind the layout and design of your home when choosing the type of interior door material. A hollow-core can often be used for closets or rooms that do not get much foot traffic. On the other hand, a solid-core or solid wood door is a better option for doors that are used quite frequently or for rooms that need soundproofing.

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