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Gas Versus Electric Boilers

Many people have both electric and gas energy resources for their home. Almost everyone uses electricity in their home for lighting, appliances, television, and just about everything else. Many people also use gas for their hot water, heating, and cooking. Since both gas and electricity are available in both homes many homeowners have a choice to make for their hot water boiler -- is a Gas boiler or Electric boiler better? In this article, we outline the pros and cons of both electric and gas boilers.

  • Initial Cost - On most occasions, you can find electric boilers costing at least a few hundred dollars less than gas boilers depending on the type, size, and efficiency of the unit. The cost to install a gas boiler is also cheaper because the contractor needs to pipe into the gas feed rather than just plugging the boiler into an electrical outlet. The cost to purchase, install, maintain, and run should all be considered when making a decision to purchase gas versus electric boilers.
  • Monthly Utility Cost - The cost of electricity and gas tend to fluctuate but electricity prices change less frequently than gas prices. However, gas is far less expensive than electricity, and in some cases can be only a fraction of the cost of electricity. Compare your charge per unit on electricity and gas bills to get an approximate savings amount by choosing gas over electric.
  • Space - If you have very limited space you may consider choosing a very small electric boiler for your home. Electric boilers can come in much smaller versions than gas boilers.
  • Waste Products - Unlike electric boilers, gas boilers require a vent leading to an outside area for exhaust fumes. Electric boilers do not need such vents for exhaust disposal.
  • Availability - Some just areas don't have gas hooks ups so you may be forced to go with an electric boiler.

There are a number of differences between gas and electric boilers depending on your needs but overall many people consider gas the best alternative due to it's lower monthly utility bills since gas is cheaper than electricity. As always, be sure to hire a professionally licensed and insured plumber or home improvement expert to install the boiler of your choice.

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