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Types of Window Treatments

There are a number of different window treatment options available including curtains, blinds, shutters, drapes, and the list goes on. This guide walks you through the differences between each of the options and provides insight into which type of treatment may work best for the windows throughout your home.

An extremely popular choice due to the ease of installation. You have two primary options when setting up curtains for your windows. You will need one of two kinds of curtain rods to hang your drape over the window.
Adjustable Rod: The cheapest option available is going with an adjustable curtain rod. After measuring your window frame you can purchase an adjustable rod to fit inside the window frame. The rod will contain a fastener in the middle which forces pressure to both sides of the window frame. Thread the rod through your drapes of choice and it will hang from the top.
Regular Curtain Rod: This requires more work for installation, and although it may be more expensive, it is a more permanent solution than the adjustable rod. Whether it's a single or double pane window this should provide enough coverage. Regular curtain rods should come with brackets allowing you to screw directly into studs above your window.
Curtain Hooks, Rings, and Clips: Once you have fixed your drapes to hang from your interior window you can install drape 'hold backs' on either side of the window in the middle of the vertical frame.

Also known as 'window shades', blinds are another popular choice for window treatments. Blinds offer a variety of options: wood, roman, honeycomb, roller, and standard shades. There are generally two accepted versions of blinds, 'ready made' and 'made to measure'. Both choices are customizable, but the ready made option is the quickest solution due the ability to cut them down to size to fit your window. Persian or slat: This is the classic blind. It's usually filled with horizontal slats which can be adjusted by a string to open up the window or by a rod rotating the angle of the slats. Venetian: These are often referred to as wood blinds. They follow a similar pattern to Persian blinds with horizontal slats fitted by a strip of cloth. You can rotate the slats in 170 degree angles to reach different levels of passable light. Roman: This is generally a large swath of fabric, which can be rolled or scrunched up to the top of the window. The major benefit of Roman shades is the nearly complete blockage of the sun. The only downside here is they are generally not compatible with bathrooms or wet environments due to the fabric used in the shade.

There are two types of shutters, interior and exterior. Shutters can provide a variety of benefits from privacy, insulation, security, or controlling sunlight. Interior shutters are generally installed fixed into the window. You can then use a slider to adjust the slats in the frame of the shutters. Exterior shutters are now primarily used as an aesthetic option to accent window frames.

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