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Masonry Repair

Buildings, walls, walkways, foundations, and any other type of project involving masonry could need repairing if either the initial job was not performed properly or the mortar or building materials used begin to deteriorate. Older homes typically run into deterioration issues after decades of wear and tear. Here are some common issues often needing repairs by trained masonry contractors.

  • Interior Water Leakage
  • Staining of concrete, bricks, stone, etc.
  • Mold and Condensation
  • Cracking and Gaping in Walls or Concrete
  • Bulging and Warping of Walls or Foundation
  • Corrosion
  • Walls Falling Apart

If you are noticing any of the issues listed above, especially in the basements of older homes, you should contact a masonry immediately before these issues turn into much larger problems such as basement flooding or structural damage. A trained masonry can help repair these issues.

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